Monday, December 3, 2007


Today Shanae was sleeping when I got home around 8pm but woke up at 10pm all ready to face the world and greet the workers in the family who all came home at different points during her nap. She was responding to us, cooing, laughing and smiling and just making our nights one hundred times better by being so happy. Great way to end the night. I love love LOVE babies.

However, although I love her to death, I'm glad she wasn't in one of her miserable moods tonight. Man, when she's ready to cry she just wails on and on and is only appeased after you've spent some time walking back and forth the kitchen/living room singing to her to calm her down. I am so proud because I think that around 75% of the time I can now tell when she's hungry versus when she's crying about something else. Whenever she's hungry and crying, no make that wailing, it's always a mad rush to prepare her feeding. Some combination of two of us would be trying everything to get her milk ready as soon as possible so that we can ease her hunger pangs. Lately each time this happens I get very thankful, because if we get so stressed when she is crying and we KNOW that the food is forthcoming, imagine how all those women around the world who can't feed their kids feel. I can't even begin to wonder what that must be like, to hear your baby crying and know that you have no milk to give because you yourself haven't eaten much in days...

So I am thankful (to God) to have always had food and never been left wanting.

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Fuzze1 said...

I like this post, we in North America take so much for granted, and live in our own little bubble, where percieve our troubles, like paying bills, or the mortgage... or even our jobs become our priorities... we lose the sight of what actually is happening in the world.
It is when you realize that there is enough food, clothing and wealth in the world for everyone, but we hord it for our own greed and sense of security... it makes me stop and wonder what we are doing and how selfish we have been taught to be...
So yes be thankful, but also teach to be giving... this will change the world