Saturday, March 1, 2008

Loving The New Place

I moved into the apartment last night! See the entrance pic, i.e., the one with the door. That's my window on the bottom left. The same one behind the green curtain in the pic with the TV. I live in the rez-de-chausée aka the ground floor apartment. Did I mention that I absolutely love the fact that there is a washing machine, WIFI internet and a TV in the apartment? Because I do. I really do. Trust me when I say most apartments in Paris don't include these amenities North Americans take for granted.

I only brought my carry-on luggage as my other two big suitcases were too large to bring on the metro and my uncle offered to bring them to me next week. Nonetheless, though I'm not fully settled yet, I love it! City life is most definitely the life for me. I like that I can walk up the road and find a pharmacy, at least 2 supermarkets, at least 1 ladies' fashion store, at least 2 bakeries, a butcher shop, at least 2 bars, a café, 2 banks, numerous little stores and at least one each of a Chinese, a French and an Indian restaurant.

I went grocery shopping today. I love going grocery shopping on my own. I get to decide what to buy and what I want to make for dinner and it's all very exciting. I like trying new recipes. I haven't bought much meat to cook yet because I believe I brought some seasonings like a huge container of curry powder and one of jerk seasoning and maybe some others but I left them in the big suitcase. Since I can't verify yet and I don't wanna spend more than necessary, I will wait and live off dumplings, pasta, bread/baguette/crêpes and noodles this week.

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Case No. 3KY687p said...

Que c'est BEAU ton apartement! Ah, ma chere suis si contente de voir que tu t'as finalement installé. : )